Making: Calibur Switch - the secret behind the one-of-a-kind metal wallet

Making: Calibur Switch - the secret behind the one-of-a-kind metal wallet

Through thicks and thins with TheCalibur, we have learned many lessons about business and ways to apply simple daily life materials into production. One time, when a team member took late-night snacks from the fridge, he observed how the refrigerator operated. When the door opened, the light turned on brightly, and when the door closed, the light suddenly went out, as if there was the intervention of a limit switch mechanism. Then, a unique idea sparked in our minds, inspired by the limit switch, and we were able to design a unique trigger mechanism for TheCalibur smart wallet.

What's the limit switch?

A limit switch is a type of switch used to restrict the movement of moving parts, typically placed along the operational path of an electric current or a motor. Although this switch has a similar structure to a regular electrical one, the difference is that changing the state of its internal contact requires mechanical force on the moving parts. A distinctive feature of limit switches is that they do not maintain their initial state; if there is no external force on them, they will return to their initial position.

Instead of being manually pressed, a limit switch needs mechanical action from a moving component to convert the mechanical motion into an electrical signal.

The inspiration for Calibur Switch

With the wide range of pop-up wallets’ material and design, trigger mechanisms such as a push-button, a slide, or a toggle are popular.

However, with the view to becoming a unique brand, our classy TheCalibur wallets don't have any buttons or switches to fan card out. Instead, taking inspiration from a limit switch, we made our “trigger mechanism”. 


If an electrical or mechanical device turns on by mechanical effect on a limit switch, our Calibur, only needs to slide the “mechanical part” - the money clip on the back of the wallet, then you can access your cards within a few seconds. Not only does it make a difference to our products, but it also provides users with the finest experience. 

Never give up on upgrading our product lines, and care for the tiniest details in production, The Calibur always wants to bring you the most excellent wallet ever. 

Immerse yourself in our sophisticated first collection, right here:

Our Journey to Creating TheCalibur

Our Journey to Creating TheCalibur

This is the story of our beginning.
In the early days, we were just a group of young, creative designers, passionate about creating new things to make life more convenient. However, we quickly realized that there is a vast gap between wanting to do something and knowing what to do. It was hard to accept that almost everything in this world has been done well by someone else.
'Nothing left for us, all ideas lead to dead ends' – a Vietnamese friend in our group blurted out during a meeting. Annoyed, he pulled all the stuff from his pockets and threw it on the table.
Undoubtedly, he must have gained weight from stress, and the clutter was driving him insane - I thought to myself. But wait, I saw something strange in that pile, two metal plates tied together with a rubber band, sandwiching a few cards in the middle, looking absurd. It's hard to believe that our 'man of refinement' would carry something like this.
But you know what's even more unbelievable? When he told us, 'This is a wallet that's selling like hotcakes, people are crazy about it, many people are using it every day'.
Honestly, this wallet reminded me of a 'plastic card hamburger', while some of the others were slightly better, with an ultra charming plastic button.
We all exclaimed, 'This can't be!'
That day, we knew what we had to do.
That was the moment we came up with the idea of TheCalibur. We envisioned a metal wallet that would be technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing. It would be a wallet that not only holds money but also reflects style, creativity, and a forward-thinking spirit.
And the name? Well, it's no surprise that we all have a deep love for the culture and history of the UK. So, it only made sense for us to embody that passion by giving our product a name inspired by the legendary weapon wielded by England's most celebrated figure.
'Good men of old times held a precious sword, good men of today hold TheCalibur wallet'
Creating a new, breakthrough product is never easy. There were moments of doubt and hesitation as we faced design and production challenges. Sometimes, our ideas seemed far-fetched. Honestly, we lost count of how many designs ended up in the trash.
However, our unwavering determination and belief in our vision kept us going. We learned from each failure and used it as a stepping stone towards our ultimate goal. Every day, we sought ways to improve and develop our idea. You know, one of the luckiest things in the world is having reliable companions who never give up.
Finally, after more than a year of hard work, we completed the first functioning model of TheCalibur.
The joy we felt at that moment is indescribable. TheCalibur is not just a product, it's a symbol of our vision and perseverance.
That was a version that worked well with a 'proprietary mechanism' that we had created, accompanied by a ton of small bugs and design points that needed to be adjusted.
'You have a beautiful design, but we can't manufacture it' - there was a time when our whole team was haunted by these words from the manufacturers, implying that some part was not feasible in reality, which also meant that you would have to tear down and think of a new way to rebuild that part, truly a nightmare.
One of the many 'slightly better' versions.
I still clearly remember those nights when our team stayed up late to find solutions. Indeed, it's easier said than done, only when we start working do we really understand how difficult the job is.
Those issues cost us more than an additional 6 months.
But finally...
Today we are here. We proudly declare that we have created a complete product, a breakthrough product with a 'proprietary operating mechanism' appearing for the first time in the world. A stunning metal wallet with 4 initial variations and RFID blocking feature, of course.
September 2023 version
Now it's June 2023, we decided to aim for delivering the commercial version in July and continue to improve TheCalibur, expecting by the end of this year we will complete the upgrade of the new feature 'Calibur Share' - quickly and conveniently sharing information using NFC technology.
In our vision, TheCalibur is not just a luxury wallet, but also a tool to protect customers' wallets in a risky modern world, while also being a convenient and stylish way for its owner to share information with their partners.
We introduce TheCalibur to the world, hoping it will help people protect personal information and create a new experience for wallet usage.

This marks the beginning of a long journey. We invite you to follow and support us on this exciting path. Your encouragement means the world to us.

Thank you for your support.


Best regards,

TheCalibur's Team.

RFID BLOCKING: Definition, How It Works & Why You Need It

RFID BLOCKING: Definition, How It Works & Why You Need It

In a cash-free economy, contactless scanning is the key to fast, streamlined transactions. For many, however, the increasing prevalence of non-physical payment methods raise new security concerns.

Obtaining a wallet that protects your information provides one of the best ways to avoid having your identity stolen and emptying your bank account.


RFID stands for ‘radio frequency identification’. Credit cards and passports use RFID technology to allow machines to scan them from a short distance. It's this system that facilitates contactless payment and that some worry could be vulnerable to criminal manipulation.

Some users worry that a bad actor standing nearby could surreptitiously access their card's RFID function. In so-called “skimming” attacks, a thief can theoretically withdraw money from the victim’s account as they walk by in the street or wait in a store line.

Long story short, hackers can easily steal your information. Almost every credit or debit card now has a chip included. This chip contains imperative information that they transmit to pay for something or take money from your bank. On the off chance that someone has an RFID reader, they could activate the chips in your wallet and find the information they need. They could potentially skim entire credit card numbers from your pocket. This doesn’t happen too often, but it’s better to be safe!


RFID blocking materials can effectively prevent the scanning function on a card or passport, and the range of products that boast this feature is steadily growing.

In the past, wallet choices used to be quite simple. Leather or synthetic; trifold, bifold, or money clip; tons of pockets or just a few. Those options, however, didn’t seem to come with a way to protect your card information. While all those simple wallets couldn’t protect you before, with an RFID card holder, you can protect yourself from malicious hackers. Their design insulates your belongings from the hacker’s radio waves. With the right wallet, you can take the right steps to protect yourself from identity theft.


In conclusion, there is a benefit to getting a solid RFID blocking wallet like the ones we have at The Calibur, which blocks hackers' interrogating radio waves, protecting you from getting your information stolen.

If you think an RFID blocking wallet is right for you, turn to The Calibur. We can help you get through the holidays worry-free with a safe and high-quality wallet. Check us out now!

What Is NFC & How Does It Work On TheCalibur Metal Wallet?

What Is NFC & How Does It Work On TheCalibur Metal Wallet?

Near Field Communication (NFC) allows wireless communication between two electronic devices close to each other. Officially, NFC can support distances of up to 1.5 inches apart, but it can be up to four inches in practice.

Generally, this comes in two forms; device-to-device communication or readable tags. While it is possible to make two devices interact via NFC, there are generally better methods of achieving this either through physical cables or other wireless technologies like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

So the idea’s pretty simple: design wallets that share yourself and impress your business partners in a way no one has ever seen using NFC technology.

Your wallet holds your most important items: bank cards, ID, cash, gym subscription, travel pass. Now it's more than that. This wallet is the coolest way to share your info. Why not?

Imagine a wallet that gives you the power to transfer your information without any touch! Save you and your business partners' time! We believe TheCalibur will be your solid company of your career.